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  1. 7 Proven Strategies for Editing and Proofreading Your Own Writing
    Your words are important. Treat them that way.
  2. 9 Things Star Trek Can Teach You About Writing
    This might be more about fiction writing than about technical writing, but it's definitely about Star Trek.
  3. Be Your Own Editor
    Excerpts from Thorne's Better Medical Writing that apply to every kind of writing you'll ever do.
  4. The Best Way to Sell is Not to Sell
    It's also my favorite.
  5. Car Horns
    Believe it or not, I can use Chinese traffic to make an important point about writing in fewer than 300 words.
  6. The Definition of Good Writing
    There's no reason to make it complicated.
  7. Do You Love Proofreading?
    Did you know that my alias is Mr. Proofreader?
  8. Finding Forrester
    The existence of a movie — any movie — about the topic of writing is surprising enough. But for it to actually be a good movie? Wow.
  9. The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman
    There are no rules to assure great writing, but there are ways to avoid bad writing.
  10. Five Simple Steps for Winning Bids and Proposals
    Where to commit your resources, and how.
  11. Honeywell DCPD - The Untold Story
    Maybe some stories shouldn't be told.
  12. How I Became a Proofreader and an Editor
    It's not what they hired me for, but it was what they needed.
  13. How To Get Freelance Editing Jobs
    Here's an interview I did with Sell Out Your Soul in 2011 when I lived in Hanoi. Enjoy.
  14. How To Write A Scientific Paper Worth Reading
    Of course it's important to document your findings. But it's even more important to ensure that your reader knows what you're talking about. And why. This PDF is based on the lectures I gave at Chiang Mai University.
  15. How To Write Any Paper
    There are universals that apply to any kind of writing, and writing is a lot simpler than your field of study. Trust me on this.
  16. I Don't Sell Editing and Proofreading Services
    Even though the site is called Michael Edits.
  17. I Was Not Always An Editor
    I was, however, always a reading junkie. The cereal box stereotype fits.
  18. Is Your Newsletter Hurting Your Credibility?
    Who reads your newsletter before your subscribers do?
  19. Passive Voice
    Since everybody else rails against it, and I agree with them, I'm going to explain when you actually should use it.
  20. Planning Your Scientific Paper
    The absolute worst way to write any paper is to just sit down and write it. Plan first. Here's why, and here's how.
  21. Podcast - Today's Business
    Interview with Sharon Hill of WCHL radio in Chapel Hill.
  22. Proofs and Three Parables by George Steiner
    The Wikipedia entry on Proofreading includes four works of fiction in which one of the characters is a proofreader. The novella Proofs is one of them.
  23. Published Writing That Sucks
    There are many examples of published writing that you absolutely should not emulate. Let's look at a few.
  24. Star Wars
    I can't be serious all the time. If you're in the office, turn off the sound.
  25. The Official Michael Edits Video
    Yeah, it's a commercial, but cut me some slack. I paid ten bucks for this. I wrote the script. It may sound familiar.
  26. Tracking: The most powerful feature in Microsoft Word
    The editor clicks a menu option in Word to turn on Tracking. Later, the author can review the suggested changes and Accept or Reject each one individually.
  27. Watson and Crick Show How It's Done
    They won a Nobel Prize in under 900 words. How important are your findings?
  28. What's Cheaper Than Throwing Out Your Promotional Copy?
    The company probably spent thousands of dollars to print those brochures, and they're better off throwing them in the trash.
  29. Where Are the Offices of Michael Edits?
    I created the company in Hong Kong in December 1999, but have since moved to mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam, and North Carolina.
  30. Why You Own Your Own Business
    Some days make you wonder.

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