Proofreading and Editing Services since December 1999 What's Easier Than Destroying the Evidence?

The company president went through at least ten secretaries in four months. One started work in the morning and never came back from lunch. Another called on the day she was supposed to start and said, "I heard about you. I don't want the job anymore."

The one who switched departments instead of walking out said, "Y'all never even learned my name." A coworker replied, "That's because we learned not to get too attached."

I didn't know any of this when I took the job. I worked for that company president for nine years, and if I hadn't run off to China I'd probably still be working for her.

One of my replacements was her daughter. The daughter typed a memo and distributed it to the employees. Then the president saw the bloopers and cringed. She went to all the employees and gathered up every copy of the memo. Then she typed it herself, free of errors, and distributed that to the employees. All the employees who had been laughing about the bloopers forgot they ever existed.

You know that last sentence is bogus, right?

Save yourself some embarrassment. Let another person read whatever it is before you distribute it. It's always easier, cheaper, and more effective than trying to destroy the evidence.

Updated March 16, 2017
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