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  1. 7 Proven Strategies for Proofreading and Editing Your Own Writing
    Your words are important. Treat them that way.
  2. Be Your Own Editor
    Excerpts from Thorne's Better Medical Writing, by Stephen Lock, Pitman Medical Publishing, 1977, which are relevant regardless of what you write.
  3. The Best Way to Sell is Not to Sell
    It's also my favorite.
  4. The Definition of Good Writing
    There's no reason to make it complicated.
  5. Do You Love Proofreading?
    Did you know that my alias is Mr. Proofreader?
  6. I Don't Sell Proofreading and Editing Services
    Even though the site is called Michael Edits?
  7. Is Your Newsletter Hurting Your Credibility?
    Why do you read newsletters? What happens when you see a mistake in one of them? Who reads your newsletter before your subscribers do?
  8. Spelling Mistakes Cost Millions in Lost Online Sales
    I am not making this up. This is from the BBC.
  9. Star Wars
    I can't be serious all the time. If you're in the office, turn off the sound.
  10. Tracking: The most powerful feature in Microsoft Word
    The editor clicks a menu option in Word to turn Tracking on. Then, every time he or she suggests a change, deletions are marked out with a red line and insertions are created in red. Later, a different person (the author) can review the suggested changes and Accept or Reject each one individually.
  11. What's Cheaper Than Throwing Out Your Promotional Copy?
    The company probably spent thousands of dollars to print those brochures, and they're better off throwing them in the trash than distributing them. The brochures destroy the very credibility they set out to establish.
  12. What's Easier Than Destroying the Evidence?
    Fortunately, all the employees who had been laughing about the bloopers forgot they ever existed.
  13. Why Every Author Needs an Editor
    You do not see what you wrote. You see what you thought you wrote. They're not always the same.
  14. Why You Own Your Own Business
    Just in case you're having one of those days that makes you wonder.

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